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Review Your Current Benefits

WellVia provides healthcare at a fraction of the cost of physician office visits, and we offer a simple implementation process. Take a look at your current offerings and determine where WellVia will maximize cost savings for you and your employees. You can implement WellVia at any time of the year and begin to see the ROI immediately.

Determine Implementation Timeframe

A member of our onboarding team will create a schedule containing dates and milestones needed to get your company onto the WellVia platform. We will provide the information required for your company to be successfully assimilated into our physician network with a quicker setup time so that you can experience cost savings faster.

Member Eligibility

A list of employees allowed to use the WellVia service will be required. At this time, we will establish data exchange protocols in addition to laying the foundation for your utilization campagin.

Standard Reports

Reporting includes utilization, consults, response time, member satisfaction, top conditions and top prescriptions. All reporting data is available on-demand and in real-time through your Administration portal.

Custom Reports

Any non-standard reports will need to be negotiated during the Engagement phase.