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16890183 - businessman blowing his noseWhat do National Air Transportation Association and other organizations around the country know that you may not have heard yet?

After partnering with telehealth provider WellVia, most have experienced considerable savings in their healthcare costs, increased productivity in their employees, and utilization reports that tell them in real time that they made the right choice.

At a time when health-care is in upheaval, their employees enjoy 24/7/365 non-emergency care that brings bilingual, U.S.-based, board-certified physicians to wherever they are within minutes via phone, internet, or mobile devices.

And depending on the package their company has chosen, it could include wellness and employee assistance as well.

“The ability to view our utilization in real time has allowed us to customize WellVia and communicate with our employees, reaching 19 percent utilization within our first 10 months!” said Cindy from SVP.

We founded WellVia in 2014 on the principles of exceptional customer service, technology, security, and innovative products. It wasn’t long before we started setting the benchmark for telehealth.

We were the first to allow its members access to a complete wellness platform, full EAP service, and both diagnostic and informational telehealth services. That led to still another industry first; a single source sign-on directly from our proprietary member portal.

But there’s more at work here than ROI. Here are some numbers you might find even more interesting:

  • Among adults in the emergency room, 79.7 percent are there because of a lack of access to other health providers. Depending on your company’s plan, they could be paying up to $30 for a consultation rather than the $1,500 charged in the average ER.
  • Studies show that 70 percent of primary care visits and 40 percent of urgent care runs can be handled by telehealth physicians. Another study of 8,000 patients found no difference between the virtual and in-person visits.
  • Ninety-two percent of our consultations are resolved, leading to a 95 percent satisfaction rate from our clients.
  • The number of people using telehealth services is predicted to grow up to 7 million in 2018, a huge increase from 350,000 in 2013. We are changing the face of healthcare today!

We’re not trying to replace primary care or emergency care providers but rather bridge the gap between the two. And while we can throw more statistics your way, why not request a demo and experience it for yourself?

We think you’ll like what you see. NATO did!

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